1. The name of the Old Boys/Girls Union, Government College, Lahore/Government College University, Lahore (GC University, Lahore) shall be “Old Ravians Union”.
  2. Membership of the Old Ravians Union (ORU) is open to such old students of the College/University as were on the rolls of the College/University for at least two academic years except those who were expelled, rusticated or blacklisted; to members of the staff of the College/University and to those ex-member of the staff who have been on the strength of the College/University for five years.
  3. An old student, who has been on the rolls of the College/University for less than two academic years, may be admitted as a member by the Executive Committee as a special case.
  4. All members shall be Life Members.
  5. The life subscription shall be Rs. 1000/= or as may be re-fixed by the Union.
  6. The Old Ravians Union shall have an Executive Committee consisting of the following:
    1. President
    2. The Vice Chancellor, GC University Lahore shall be the ex-officio Patron of the Old Ravians Union.
    3. Senior Vice President.
    4. Two Vice Presidents, one of whom shall be a female.
    5. Coordinator who shall be nominated by the Vice Chancellor from amongst the Old Ravians staff members.
    6. Two posts for Joint Secretary one of which will be for Ladies.
    7. One seat for Secretary General
    8. One seat for Finance Secretary
    9. Executive Members who shall be elected by the members of the Union on Chapter (Decade) basis. Each decade will be represented by one member.
    10. That (2) two seats were created and they were left at the disposal/discretion of the elected President and Executive Committee to nominate them as Committee Members, which will be as follows:-
      1. One seat for Minorities
      2. One seat for Special Person
  7. Ravians who have studied in GCU for at least two academic years and have completed any degree can contest elections of ORU, however the prescribed minimum age limit for all posts of the Old Ravians’ Union shall be as follows:-
Post/Seat Qualifying Minimum Age Limit
President 45 Years
Senior Vice President 40 Years
Vice President (Male)
Vice President (Female)
30 Years
Secretary General 30 years
Joint Secretary 30 years
  1. The Executive Committee shall be elected every two years
  2. General Body Meeting shall be held in University campus once in two years tenure of the Executive Committee.
  3. Those Old Ravians who are the members of the staff (including visiting staff) of GC University, Lahore will not contest for any post of the Old Ravians Union and become eligible to contest elections after 2 years leaving the job from GCU.

(The amendment to clause regarding visiting staff will be applicable from the year 2022 elections).

  1. That the Honorary Secretary’s name to be changed and he/she will be called as Coordinator.
    1. That the Coordinator shall be appointed for a maximum term of 4-years and after that a new person shall replace him.
    2. That the Coordinator after completing 2-years will be at the disposal of the new President to accept him for another 2-years or can request the Honourable Vice Chancellor to give 3 names from the Faculty out of which President will approve one name for Coordinator, however, the Vice Chancellor can replace the Coordinator at any time if he/she is not satisfied with the working of the Coordinator.
  2. That the meetings of ORU to be held at least 6 times in a year making it to a total of 12-meetings in 2-years term.
  3. That name of the Treasurer was changed to Finance Secretary.
  4. That it was also decided that students who have become the member of ORU will get eligible to vote after leaving the College/University and membership to remain suspended till leaving the College/University.
  5. Five members of the Executive Committee shall form a quorum for holding a meeting of the Executive Committee.
  6. The quorum for a general body meeting shall be one hundred.
  7. The monogram of the Old Ravians Union shall be the same as the University monogram with Old Ravians Union written at the top and GC University, Lahore written below it.
  8. No amendment can be made in the rules of the Old Ravians Union except in a General Body Meeting where at least three-forth of the members must vote for the proposed amendment.
  9. The accounts of the Old Ravians Union shall be jointly operated by the Finance Secretary and Coordinator.
  10. Candidates to contest the elections of the Union will become eligible after two years of their registration as members.
  11. Correspondence with the members would be undertaken by Coordinator along with Secretary General.
  12. The final authority to approve all the matters of the Union and settle all the issues pertaining to the affairs of the Union shall rest with the Vice Chancellor, GC University Lahore who shall act as the final appellate authority in his capacity as Patron-in-Chief of the Union. The members shall not be authorized to take any issue with respect to the Union to social/print/electronic media or any court of law. All the matters shall be resolved by the President and Executive Committee and subsequently the Vice Chancellor in the spirit of the filial relations that exist among all the Ravians, whose decision will be final and binding on everyone.

On the recommendation of the Election Committee the house carried the following rules:

  • In future biennial election of the Union shall be held in First or Second week of March to facilitate participants.
  • New membership should be closed at least three months before the date of filing of nomination papers for the Election of the Union.
  • Maximum of 5 application forms for membership of the Union can be submitted at one time.
  • President can form sub-committees in the best interest of ORU and GCU and can make Rules of Business for the working of ORU, if required, in consultation with Executive Committee.
  • Members of the Old Ravians Union are cordially invited to the University annual sports.
  • For other functions arrangement for participation can be made on request.
  • Old Ravians are eligible to become life subscribers of the University Magazine ‘The Ravi’ by paying life subscription of Rs. 500/- only or by paying annual subscription for a single copy.
  • Old Ravians ties and souvenirs can be obtained from the office of the Union on payment.
  • Old Ravians are eligible to become members of the University Library with the special permission of the Vice Chancellor and can draw two books at a time on furnishing a Library security of Rs. 500/- to the University Librarian. The members of the Old Ravians Union can get their Library membership Special Cards.
  • The spouses of the members can also attend the functions of the Old Ravians Union.


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